Oh My Love…

Even though I go,
You need not fear,
Till eternity for you,
My spirit will stay back here.

Let me carry smiles with me,
And forget all our tears,
Let us part with life and joy,
Rather than with fears.

We’ll walk the paths unseen,
Face what our future holds,
My smile will help you win,
And I’ll win as your unfolds.

Miles apart; together yet,
We’ll walk down the memory lane,
Fogs of ages; even then,
Past as present; I’ll see it plain.

Oh! But I’ve already left,
Didn’t realize, did you?
‘Cause life offers so much more,
Than to ponder over a few.

Live it to the fullest,
Love what it lent,
You will feel my presence then,
As though I never went!


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