MSDN magazine and Dr. Dobb’s journal available for free

When I joined MTP (Microsoft Technology Practices- a group in Persistent which focuses on latest Microsoft technologies), our senior manager shared a few MSDN magazines and Dr. Dobb’s Journals which he subscribed. A few days back I Googled for “Download MSDN magazine” and it listed first entry of Heath Steward (Microsoft employee) stating “MSDN Magazine available for free”. I couldn’t hold back (when something of interest and value is free) and went to the site

I checked the archives and found that MSDN magazines are available for download free of cost right from January 2003 in HTML Help format (.chm files). Maybe I’m the last one to realize this, but in case I’m not I wanted to share with the rest of you.

While it may not be a periodical in-hand, it’s good enough that whether or not I have an Internet connection I still can read MSDN Magazine!

Similar is the case with Dr. Dobb’s Journals. Dr. Dobb’s Journal (DDJ) is a monthly journal published in the United States by CMP Technology. It covers topics aimed at computer programmers. DDJ was the first regular periodical focused on microcomputer software, rather than hardware. For more visit’s_Journal. You can download pdf of this journal from for free. Replace the month and year numbers with the one you want to download (for may 2008 issue url would be ).


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