Don’t Multi-task When You Can Use Chunking

We spend too much of our day trying to cram more into it. We adopted the computer term “multi-tasking” and tried to apply it to our own daily activities as another step in our quest to get more done. The problem is that multi-tasking doesn’t work.

I have personally experienced that chunking helps more and works better than multitasking.

Don’t waste so much of your time trying to multi-task. Instead, make yourself more efficient and more productive by chunking.

  • Set aside chunks of time for specific tasks
  • Reduce the time spent in start-up moments
  • Don’t allow interruptions
  • Increase the number and size of chunks during your day and week
  • Recognize that there will still be interruptions no matter how well you chunk.

Use chunking to make yourself more focused and ultimately productive.

Read more about how chunking scores over multitasking at


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