The Golden Boy

Abhinav Bindra won Olympics gold medal in 10m air rifle in recently concluded Beijing Olympics.

Madhya Pradesh state announced a prize of 5,00,000 rupees for Bindra, while the state of Maharashtra awarded him 1 million rupees — even though he is not a resident of either. The impoverished state of Bihar said it would name a stadium after him.

Not to be outdone, his home state of Punjab awarded him 10 million rupees (US$238,000).

Meanwhile India’s charismatic Railway Minister Lalu Prasad announced that Bindra would get a gold pass to go along with his gold medal — letting him and a companion ride the railways (in the first class, air conditioned compartments) free for the rest of his life.

Abhinav started his blog on the eve of Beijing Olympics and after winning the first-ever individual Gold for India, the traffic to his blog has really caught up!

New Puneri pati observed at Karve Putala, Kothrud, Pune(How True!!!)


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