Jumbo and Dada bid adieu to Cricket

The third test match between India and Australia which ended in draw earmarked the exit of much beloved Indian leg spinner-Anil Kumble. He has a nickname Jumbo not only because his deliveries, for a spinner, are “as fast as a “Jumbo jet”, but also because his feet are quite big or Jumbo as observed by his team-mates. It was his last test match as a captain too.

Goodbye Jumbo and kudos for your service to a game which has a special place in my heart!

And a few days later India won the fourth test match against World Chamipons Australia, clinching the Boprder-Gavaskar Series with dominant 2-0 win. The fierce cricker and a fighter Saurav Ganguli (popularly known as Dada or Bengal Tiger) retired from Cricket with a winning note. It is rare at least in Indian Cricket any one has retired on a wining note. That was his gift to all of us to a country where Cricket is just another religion.

Goodbye Dada! We will miss you too!

Now there are only 2 icons left in Indian Cricket-Sachin Tendulkar (refered to as Little Master or Master Blaster) and Rahul Dravid (The Wall) who have left an impression on Cricket world both on and off the field. The day is not far when these 2 will retire!


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