Mumbai blasts again

I wanted to avoid writing on this topic. But the series of incidences happening in Mumbai over last few days have made me to ponder over this. I couldn’t stop myself!

Mumbai is once again under terrorist attack. And sufferers are not only common man from India but worldwide. The terrorist had taken over hostages in Taj Hotel, Hotel Oberoi and Nariman House. Assault is till going on at Taj and Nariman House. They are demanding release of Mujaheddin terrorists.

ATS have lost key people including ATS chief Hemant Karkare, one encounter specialist and another police officer. May their soul rest in peace!

Rumors added to the confusion, fear and panic already started with gun firing. And rumors spread faster during such incidences. After Malegaon blasts, there were rumors spread in Pune stating don’t go here or there; there can be bomb planted. My friend received SMS saying don’t go to Ferguson College Road due to likeliness of bomb planted, when we were shopping at Ferguson College Road! Not to mention, we returned home within minutes.

Its time government and politicians take terrorism seriously and counter it with stringent measures ASAP rather than banking on votes during election. Or how many lives will it take both of common people, ATS staff and policemen for government to wake up and act?

Lets hope hostages come out of this safely.

PS: ATS sources say Dawood is behind Mumbai attacks. Dawood was responsible for 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai too.


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