Friends of BJP’s event on 28 Feb 2009

I do not like to attend political campaigns as the agenda of the speaker is already known-the speakers party is the best and the rest are venoms for the society and the country as a whole. I have attended only one such campaign when Pramod Mahajan came to our constituency during state elections in Paingin. He was one of the influential orators in the BJP camp.

Friendsofbjp is an organization floated by a group of youths, professionals and entrepreneurs aiming to support and win BJP in forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. It organized an event in New English School (this is one of the schools founded by Lokmanya Tilak) on Saturday 28 Feb 2009 where Arun Jaitley was the speaker.

Here are some of the pictures of the event:

Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley

Friends of BJP

Friends of BJP

Arun Jaitley spoke on two major issues national security and economic slowdown with comments on de facto and de jure PMs of the country, dynastic rule and as usual failure of UPA and Congress government.

Information about upcoming events is published on Friends of BJP’s website.


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