Atul Kahate on Evolution of Open Source Movement

Atul Kahate gave a talk on evolution of Open Source movement as a part of the Computer Society of India (CSI) lecture series yesterday. I was curious to meet the person more than listening to his lecture. The reason being, in BE we had a subject called ‘Web Technologies’. The textbook was titled with the same name and co-authored by Achyut Godbole and Atul Kahate.

He started with brief history of major milestones in the field of computing and computer science and the lives of those who have contributed to it. He confidently gave the presentation, the flow was awesome, but when it came to Q&A, he seemed to be fumbled while answering the questions raised by audience.

Achyut Godbole is an entrepreneur and during this illustrative career, he has contributed in building of companies such as Patni, Syntel, Apar Technologies, Disha Technologies. At present he is the Managing Director of “Softexcel Consultancy Services”. Besides, his career as a technocrat, he is deeply involved in Music and Book Writing. He has been awarded “Udyogratha” by Indian Economic Council for his contribution to Information Technology and “Kumar Gandharva Award” by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi for his contribution to music and computers. He used to write about history (or perhaps some other subject) in a weekly column in (probably) Loksatta (a Marathi newspaper) and used to eagerly read them. I searched on Internet for his articles, in vain. I would appreciate if anybody can point me to his articles.

Atul is Head-Technology Practice at Oracle Financial Services Software Limited. He has interest in Cricket, Music and Book Writing apart from being a visiting faculty at renowned colleges in Pune.

PS: I have started writing an article on “History of Computing” and will post it as soon as I am done.


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