The Nobel Peace Prize Joke

This year Nobel Peace prize has been awarded to US President Barack Obama. I fail to know and understand what has Mr.  Obama done so far as to award him with the Peace Prize. This is not the first time Nobel committee showed its inclination towards absurdity (or is it a political influence?) as they conferred the Peace prize on Henry Kissinger in 1973.

Read more on the Nobel Joke Prize by Atanu Dey.


4 thoughts on “The Nobel Peace Prize Joke

  1. Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly are nattering nabobs of negativism (thanks to Spiro Agnew, a conservative thief).
    Of course they’d curse the Presidents award
    and malign the Scandinavian awarders, the zenith of their race.
    Were the Madonna to make an apparition to Obama’s family those three stooges would
    malign her credibility, even her reputation.

  2. Hahahah 🙂

    Here are some more facts about Nobel Peace Prize-
    So far 3 US Presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize-Theodore Roosevelt (1906), Woodrow Wilson (1919) and Jimmy Carter (2002). See the full list at

    Among those who did not receive the prize include Mahatma Gandhi, who was nominated several times and Adolf Hitler, who was nominated once in 1939.

    This might give you some idea on the proceedings of the Nobel committee.

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