I am happy but not contended

Why do I blog?

  1. Improve communication skills
  2. Clarity of thought
  3. To express myself (that’s the motto of the blog-Abhivyakty means expression)
  4. Share my thoughts and experiences with others

During school days, as I would start studying on verandah, my neighbor would turn on radio/TV and put it on high volume. Instead of cursing his jealousy (if any), I maintained calm and developed myself to study/learn in a noisy environment. That proved to be a boon in my later life.

There was a time when I could hardly talk with peers, friends, relatives, known people and strangers, let alone sharing my personal thoughts and experiences. During childhood I was a shy kid reluctant to talk to anybody, as a teenager I was sometimes afraid, sometimes feared of sharing personal things. During school, as a teenager I ignored social networking (I am not talking about online social networking here), sharing and talking with peers solely because I thought it was such a waste of time.

But no! That’s not how the world and society works. After I came to Pune and started working on the job, I realized the importance of communication skills, interpersonal skills and presentation skills among others in addition to intelligence. At times I had to convince others, and at other times I had to order, take permission, delegate, ask for help, and offer help to get the job done.

During course of my employment of 3 years, I pursued M.S. (from BITS Pilani). During 4th semester I had to do a dissertation-all the tasks had to be decided by me and worked upon them-to successfully complete it. During the course of this dissertation, I learnt a lot about the process itself.

Recently I was searching for some “how to” articles on PhD and stumbled upon Azuma’s ‘A graduate school survival guide’. The guide described what the author should have known at the start of the graduate school but had to learn the hard way instead. As the Chinese proverb goes-“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back”, I thought of going through the guide. As the guide offered some tips from an experienced PhD student, I began reading it.

Go, read it. Its not enough just to be academically successful, but be able to inculcate the skills required to survive in this highly competitive world. After reading the guide, I contemplated over my professional experience of 3 years and I have to say my job has taught me some of the skills described in this guide.

Once I get my MS degree, it will be time to start working on PhD. My mother wants her children to pursue formal education as much as possible (whether this is truly an education is altogether a different story; self-learning has to be inculcated)-which is a primary factor for my success in education. I am the first one in my family to complete graduation (I am aware that this is not a big achievement. There are many in this country who have achieved greater heights despite social, economical and cultural hindrances/barriers) and her support and will power helped me to achieve it.

I am happy but not contended:)

Update: Surely I would not have been in a sound condition today had it not been the perseverance of my teachers in the school. I owe a lot to them.

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