Pune Film Festival 2011

I last attended Pune International Film Festival in January 2009. Looking at my enthusiasm for movies, a fellow from my profession asked me to pursue it professionally. Frankly, I am of opinion that certain hobbies, passion or the things one is fond of should be kept as hobbies or passion rather than making them a profession. Otherwise the happiness/joy is lost, which is the purpose behind them!

I watched a few movies in PIFF 2011 and here is a glimpse of a few of them…

Here is a glimpse of some of them…

1)      My Widow’s Husband (Ukraine)
Eccentric billionaire Albert Castandi is up to his neck in debts. To avoid paying up, he fakes his own death, stages a funeral and bequeaths all his assets to the future husband of his young and beautiful wife, Anna, played by Kamaliya – the Ukrainian actress, pop singer and wife of Kyiv Post publisher Mohammad Zahoor.

However, his clever plan doesn’t exactly work and Anna soon finds herself in lots of trouble. She has to repulse the intrigues of a florist-gangster, fight off annoying suitors, and naturally deal with her hapless “recently deceased” husband. Amid this turmoil, she meets a charming foreigner, John Smith and better watch the rest of the part.

2)      Taita Boves (Venezuela)
“Taita Boves” chronicles a thirst for revenge that devastated a country. It tells the true story of Jose Tomas Boves, a cruel man who became a legend during the Venezuelan War of Independence, the most violent in the Americas. He went from seafarer to pirate, horse smuggler to prosperous merchant, prisoner to military chief. Spanish by birth, he spearheaded a grass root troop of slaves, Indian etc. that crushed Simon Bolivar and his patriot army. Respectfully referred to as “Taita” by them, he fought for the underprivileged and the poorest of the poor, and curtailed 3 centuries of order in this colonial region. This film is about his passions and power, his loves and misadventures, and a bloody saga that rocked Venezuela.

3)      The girl on the train (France)
Jeanne is a young woman, striking but otherwise without qualities. Her mother tries to get her a job in the office of a lawyer, Bleistein, her lover years ago. Jeanne fails the interview but falls into a relationship with Franck, a wrestler whose dreams and claims of being legitimate business partnership Jeanne is only too happy to believe. When Franck is arrested, he turns on Jeanne for her naivety; she’s stung and seeks attention by making up a story of an attack on a train. Is there any way out for her? In a subplot, Bleistein’s grandson, Nathan, prepares for his bar mitzvah and through an encounter with Jeanne, experiences intimation s of manhood.

4)      Tycoon (Japan)
An amoral businessman achieves fame and fortune but is ultimately abondoned by his wife, child and concubine. The capitalist’s thirst for power leads to his isolation. A representative director of social protest films, Yamamoto excels in the realistic portrayal of the characters and underscores his sympathy for the underprivileged.

5)      Aaghaat (Marathi)
Directed by Vikram Gokhale, a well known Indian film, TV and stage actor, the film depicts the ups and downs in a patient’s life and goes on to portray the fight of a young doctor against the established systems and practices.


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