Pune Film Festival 2011-3

The movies I watched on third day –

1)      Silent Wedding (Romania)
In 1953, a Romanian village has gathered for a wedding; the happy couple, the guests and the banquet are all ready… just at that moment, the Russian army arrives. Stalin is dead and the nation must mourn. Under threat of death, the oversexed couple, their vexatious fathers, the entire town and the muted gypsy band continue the celebration in silence.
This overwhelmingly visual film moves effortlessly from joyous eroticism, through rural pastiche to the dreadful tension of the mute wedding itself. Along the way we encounter a carnival of characters, the longest fart joke in historyJ and the truly dreadful reality of life under communism.
The comedy is laid like bait, enticing us into the tragedy yet to unfold.
I laughed my heart out through this movie. I must say, this was one of the best movies in this film festival.

2)      The last summer of La Boyita (Spanish)
In an apparently bucolic setting, a secret is revealed, accidentally, spontaneously. Returning from a horse ride, Jorgelina sees a bloodstain on Mario’s saddle. There is another one on Mario’s pants. Mario doesn’t know what to say, he has no idea as to why. Jorgelina will accompany him on his road to discovery, fear and ultimately, acceptance. This revelation, instead of separating them, will bring Jorgelina and Mario closer than ever.

3)      Taryanche Bait (Marathi)
Shreedhar Surve works as a clerk and leads a happy and contented life with his family in a beautiful konkan village of Maharashtra. His life takes a turn when he takes his wife, son and daughter with him on an official tour to Mumbai-the financial capital of India. Dazzled by the sights, Omkar, Shreedhar’s son insists on staying in a five star hotel that Shreedhar can’t even dream of affording. In order to placate his son, Shreedhar wager’s a night’s stay at the hotel if Omkar comes first in his school exams.
Omkar is in the game. The bet is on.
attempts to win the bet and the extent to which both father and son are pushed by the harsh realities of life makes for this funny, emotional, bitter-sweet tale.


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