Yahoo! Big Thinkers India Series in Pune

Yahoo! Research conducts a series of lectures quarterly under the Yahoo! Big Thinkers India Series. The lectures are conducted in Bangalore, however for the first time Yahoo hosted the April 2011 lecture outside Bangalore, in LeMeridian hotel in Pune. The lecture titled ‘web retrieval: The surprising role of users’ was conducted by Yeolle Maarek -a senior Director of Yahoo! Research.

Yeolle explained the role of users in a pretty nice way-it reminded me of film 21 in which Professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) puts up a stupendous job in his opening scene of the class.

Although the session was scheduled on a weekday (yersterday), we went to attend the session. The session proved to be a catalyst to think about something that we as web users should care about and was a good lecture in terms of content as well as presentation rather than those boring  meetings. Apart from this, the attendees got a nice and heavy snacks-the snacks in LeMeridian was really tasty, a key chain and a Yahoo! diary:) I know some people came solely for these things 😉

I hope the video of the session will be available on Bigthinkers site soon. The recorded sessions of previous lectures are available in the archives.


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