Books via Flipkart

Last weekend I ordered 2 books via flipkartThe Winning Way by Harsha Bhogle & Anita Bhogle and Does He Know A Mother’s Heart? by Arun Shourie.

Harsha is the voice and face of Indian cricket. He has conducted over 300 corporate workshops along with his wife Anita Bhogle. Their book gives the learnings from sport for managers and is based on business knowledge drawn from the sporting world.

If you know Arun Shourie only as a cabinet minister in Bajpai government, you are wrong. He is the only Indian politician I know of who has written ample number of scholarly books and articles. Check out His latest book which I have ordered discusses the perennial question that has grappled mankind since eternity: “If there is a kind,compassionate,all-knowing God,how can there be extreme suffering in this world?”. Shourie analyses various religious scriptures in his quest for the answer to this question. The book is an also a personal narrative of a father whose son has been suffering from Cerebral Palsy since childhood (Shourie’s son Aditya is now 34 years old )and of a husband whose wife is a Parkinson’s Disease patient. The personal narrative is particularly heart wrenching.

I got the first book delivered within 2 business days of order apart from 35% discount on both these books.

More about these books will come soon on this blog. Stay tuned!


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