SOPA, PIPA and Online Piracy

US wants the SOPA and PIPA legislation be implemented to curb online piracy. They cite the reason that the piracy is adversely harming the growth and IP of entertainment industry.

As a protest against SOPA and PIPA bills tabled by the Congress in US, Wikipedia, Google and other technology big players including  7000 sites have blacked-out. Here is the sneak peek- of Wikipedia page-

Although the bill is aimed at curbing the online piracy, it curbs the net users’ liberty. More about the legislation can be found at

Akshar has beautifully summarized about the reasons and implications of this bill in his blog post. It is important we know about the legislation and the implications if it becomes a bill.

The creator of the www – Tim Berners Lee slams the legislation itself saying that the SOPA violates the human rights.

Clay Shirky, a writer, consultant and teacher on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies explains ‘Why SOPA is a bad idea’ in this TED video.

I hope more and more people become aware of the what those in power are up-to.

Update: Indian govt is coming up with Privacy bill. Its interesting to note the (so called) experts –


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