TED talks

Movies have always fascinated me, especially the animation movies. The Hollywood movies have used animation/graphics to a greater degree to simulate the real-life scenes. We are at times surprised by the thought of how the production team must have taken the shots and created the scenes. As an audience, it amuses me and makes me think about it. I wonder how they must have taken the shots – at times mixing the real-life scenes with the animated ones.

Here are 2 TED talks in which the speakers share their experience about behind the scenes of making a movie.

The first one is by Andrew Stanton, the writer of “Toy Story” and writer/director of “Wall-e” (BTW, Wall-e is my one of the favorite animation movies). An academy award winner, h

e shares his views about story-telling.


The second one is by Rob Legato, who created movie effects  in the films like Apollo 13, Titanic and Hugo.


and do visit the TED website http://www.ted.com for more interesting and fascinating talks.